Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nation In Terminal Decline

We are into 2010… another year of uncertainty another year of despair. Not much to be happy about.. 105 people killed when a car was blown up in a field packed with people watching a volley ball match. What to say….. what can we say.

The irony is that a lot of the countrymen still feel these hell mongers are innocent people who are doing this as part of religious duty. We are a nation which doesn’t stand united against this menace. I sometimes wonder if we have a way out of this mess. Somehow we are nation which never makes mistakes it is always someone else who has caused the misery. It is either the US trying to break us apart or India fuelling insurgency but us we remain the most pious and internally united nation on earth….. all I can say is… WHAT A JOKE.

We are a nation with a self destruct button pressed. We don’t need India or Israel or anyone for that matter to destroy us. We do a darn good job ourselves.

60 years on we are an immature nation which is growing up with this inherent insecurity and fear of crumbling… Shahzad Roy said it very well…… since our childhood we have heard of nation in crisis. I wonder when the crisis will be over. Was the creation of the country by itself a crisis? Was it done in haste?

I have come up with an alternate point of view to satisfy my ownself. The phrasing of the problem actually drives your thought process. The reason we got Pakistan was because we felt the threat of Hindu domination in united India. The psyche of Indian domination runs wild with us. To me the slogan was and is defeatist. It is like leaving the field on the threat of losing the matching and crying foul.

We were given an option to be a Jew in US or be a black in US. We opted the way of the blacks who decided to return to Africa to their roots and place where they are not dominated by Whites… they went to form the country of Liberia. I don’t want to comment on what happened there but I can assure you the result was more or less the same as that we see today in Pakistan.

For 60 years our politicians, our army, mullahs and our intelligentsia have kept people cocooned in the threat of India and hence etched the defeatist mindset in us. We talk of everything in comparison to India… IT growth faster than India, Nuclear know how more than India and it goes on and on. Unfortunately nothing really is true but what the heck we can still fool a few million innocent people after all we have done so for 60 years. So when Musharaf talked of being proud nation and taking decision in our interest and tried to create a different track of thought he was the worst person on earth. He gave the idea that was in negation to the set ideals of the country’s corrupt and established elite.

I subscribe to Musharaf’s facebook page and find people with a messianic idea about one person changing their fate… unfortunately it wont happen. Survival of Pakistan is based on the revolution of mind… a revolution in which we throw away our mental bind and instead of being obsessed with India and Israel for once get obsessed with ourselves.

You cant treat a patient till the patient believes he is sick. We don’t believe we are sick despite being in terminal decline….

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